Lost Existence: Exploring Complex Connections

This series includes photographs from various stages of life, including the last three years of the war in Ukraine. These are not just photographs — they are a chronicle of a personal journey and internal struggle that has come to the surface.

The series begins with a diptych that perfectly reflects the sense of lost meaning he felt. That feeling when you look at the world and don’t understand where it’s heading.

There are no simple answers in these shots. The answers are still being sought. A childhood photograph with a toy gun and a shot of a real pistol symbolize the journey from innocence to violence, reflecting the process of growing up in our complex world.

What was captured was what was felt: false expectations, lost meanings, longing for the past, and fear of the future. Each frame is a piece of personal crisis, a confrontation with reality.

Working on this series made it clear that people are incredibly resilient. We adapt, we find the strength to move forward. There is still hope that everyone who sees these photographs will find something personal in them, maybe even answers to their own questions.

This series has become a way to free the soul. And if it makes someone think about the complexity of our existence, then he has achieved his goal.